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Owerre Association Throws Dynamite Party Without Ugba and Okporoko

On Saturday June 4, 2011, the people of Owerre threw a dynamite party that wore out their guests from too much dancing. The event which happened at Lantana featured the Owerre women dance group. The attendance was great. The food was delicious. The music was non-stop, intense and pulsating. But something was conspicuously amiss. There was neither ugba nor okporoko.

Speaking at the occasion, the chairman of the event, Chief Celestine Enere (Ezeoha V, next year VI) thanked the people who came to support Owerre and encouraged them to sit back, relax and enjoy themselves. But he did not apologize for the absence of ugba and okporoko, the man reasons some of the guests came.

When taken to task, representatives of the Owerre organization indicated that they could not serve ugba and okporoko because the Lantana would not allow them to bring in food. But many in the community are not buying that excuse. There cannot be an Owerre party without ugba and okporoko. Period! We are just looking forward to next year when the people of Owerre will redeem themselves.

IONE congratulates Owerre on a job well done.