About IONE


The Igbo Organization of New England was founded to create enabling social and cultural hub for Nigerians of Igbo descent in New England area and at home. The Organization is a full Non-profit Tax-exempt Organization. We provide cultural and social events to educate our children and friends in America about our culture and heritage. We organize Igbo Languages class where we teach our children and interested participants Igbo Language.

In 2011 the Igbo Organization of New England acquired a magnificient building now known as the “Igbo House” in the center of the Town of Randolph, Massachustts. This building is intended to be used as the Igbo Cultural center where we can broaden our community services to areas of education, Immigration Services, Child care center and a meeting house. We welcome everyone to our monthly meetings held on the First Sunday of each month at 1 North Street, Randolph, MA.



The mission of the Igbo Organization of New England (IONE) is to provide an enabling environment for the socio-cultural integration of Igbo people living in the New England area of the United States. The organization offers language classes, after school programs, standardized test preparation classes, and other programs that promote the health, linguistic and cultural awareness of people in the Boston area.