About us

The Igbo Organization of New England (IONE) was founded in 1992 to create enabling social, civic, and cultural hub for Nigerians of Igbo descent and other ethnic minorities in Metro Boston, New England area. The Organization is a full Non-profit Tax-exempt Organization. We provide programs and services to assist the members and the community residents partake and contribute to the local community economic, health and social advancement. IONE also avails the cultural and social events and programs to educate our children and friends in America about our culture and heritage. The organization covers and serves over 20,000 Igbo people in New England area. The organization also provides the following services,  Adult Education, Afterschool/Childcare, Free Legal Services, Healthcare services, Language School (Igbo Language School) and Policy Advocacy for its members.


We organize the annual Igbo Day Cultural Festival to foster cultural awareness and exchange in the community. In addition to other programs, we provide Igbo Language and English as 2nd language classes where we teach our children and other interested community participants.


In 2011 the Igbo Organization of New England acquired a magnificent building now known as the “Igbo House” in the center of the Town of Randolph, Massachusetts. This building is used as the Igbo Cultural center where we can broaden our community services to areas of education, Immigration Services, Childcare center and a meeting house.

Bonney C. Chibueze

Dr. Cyril S. Ubiem

Chisom Nwazojie

Chudi Ekpunobi

Felicia Otudoh

Charity Ejelonu

Bonney C. Chibueze

Bonney C. Chibueze